Meet the team

Our staff working with your child are carefully chosen to ensure that they are able to develop positive, lasting relationships that children will remember. 

We are a warm, friendly, busy and welcoming nursery with the highest aspirations of care and creative learning for our children. We are committed to saftguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff and volounteers to share this commitment. 

Rigorous interviewing and safeguarding checks are in place to ensure enthusiastic, committed and dedicated staff provide the highest standards of care and learning. All staff are either qualified or working towards childcare qualifications. 

We encourage and support staff development and on-going training, but as a minimum all staff will undertake: Child protection training; Paediatric first aid training; Basic food hygiene.

Key persons

Every child deserves to be special to someone and the Keyperson Approach recognises this. Your child will have a Keyperson who will work closely with your family to ensure they know your child well and understand their needs, giving them a sense of belonging. They will build a familiar, affectionate and trusting relationship you can rely upon, but at the same time, be good role models for fun, friendship, caring, education and positive behaviour! It provides the child with a sense of security so that they feel confident to explore their world and form further relationships.

The Keyperson Approach is one of the vital principles in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  It is a reciprocal relationship between a member of staff, individual child and their family. Your child's keyperson will know each individual key child and support their sense of identity and individuality.  They will be aware of their individual and family needs, preferences and development.

Management team

Priscilla - Nursery Manager 

I have a NPQICL in Children’s Centers Leadership in Children and Families. I have worked with children and families for over 20 years in a range of settings. I support the Nursery when I can as it keeps me attune with the daily running of the centre and familiar with all the children attending Nursery.

Andy - Early Year Practitioner 

Previously I worked as an Early Years Teacher in a large Primary School in Coventry. I suoppot the them in all areas of learning and SENco. 


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Seeds Room (9 months to 2.5 years)

The seeds room team - Zoe, Meng, Laura, Jackie, Hazel and Paige

We strongly believe in signing with our children to support their communication and language development, here are just some of the key signs we use.:- 

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Help 
  • More
  • Food (eat)
  • Sharing
  • Sleep
  • Kind hands 

Buds room (2.5 to 5 years)

The Buds room team - Sonia, Chanel, Katie  Jess and Gaby.

We support children by; 

  • Role modelling appropriate language 
  • Express language positively 
  • Role modelling appropriate behaviour 
  • Praise all good behaviour
  • Praising children for how they learn
  • Challenge and strive for higher expectations.
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